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We research competitors and define your target audience to ensure that your email marketing strategy collects, retargets and converts customers.

Bristol Email Marketing Agency

Our Bristol Email marketing agency is essential for your digital marketing strategy and is not only fast and cheap but also highly profitable. Building great relationships and brand identity encourages subscribers to revise your website regularly so that you can target them with specific content and advertisement.

WE offer

    • Strategic Planning
    • Sleek Design
    • Personalisation
    • Customer segmentation
    • Marketing Automation
    • Bristol Email Marketing Agency

Strategic planning

Our Bristol Email Marketing Agency research your customer’s habits to fully understand how we can segment your audience and target them in the most efficient way possible. We develop your brand identity and deliver automated emails that bring your customers through a proven buying tunnel.


Sleek design

We create modern yet creative designs to capture the interest of your customers. Our story telling ensures that the right message is sent across and follows your brand guidelines.


Customer segmentation

We create specific groups based on your customers certain behaviours or interests. Analysing big data analytics can improve targeted marketing automation funnels and capture your customers at the right time.


Marketing automation

Automating your email process is vital for capturing customers when they have recently viewed your website or left items in the cart. Give subscribers the right content at the right time by using customers incentives and persuasive techniques to nurture prospects over a longer period of time.



“Standard X provided a variety of possible logos for me to chose from. I decided which style suited it’s use the most and they further made 4 iterations of similar designs so I could pick which was my favorite. I gave them rough guidelines as to what I wanted the logo to include but apart from that I gave them full creative control and he was able to make a logo I was very happy with. I would recommended Standard X to anyone looking for logo designer or any sort of graphic design.”

Gio A, Apple Resells

“It has been a complete pleasure working with you, I have no doubt you’ll go on to do great things, Thank you for all the hard work it is really appreciated. If you need anything from us let us know, otherwise I wish you all the best for the future.”


It was a pleasure working with you and you have been such an asset to the team! I am sure you will succeed in your future and I hope our paths will cross one day! Enjoy the summer and good luck.

Standard X was excellent to work with especially as we didn’t have much knowledge of the whole social media thing so it was really useful having them help to create all the social media channels that we needed and manage all of them throughout our product launches and giveaways. They helped us grow our Instagram from 0 to 1,000 followers within the first month by creating captivating content for our followers and scheduling them in advance. We would like to thank Standard X for all the work they have done for us and we would highly recommend them to anyone in the future. Good Luck 🙂
Marketing, Student Basement

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